As we thought of fighting against HIV/AIDS we conducted little survey around the District of Tamil Nadu and we have witnessed that the infected and affected HIV/AIDS family is orphan in one or the other way. We usually see that the HIV infected children by their parents and in most cases the child is single/double orphan, and this orphan child is never seen taken care by the people around after their parents passed away.

Care For girls -HIV Orphanage

The orphans at ARK are a bunch of amazingly talented, caring and beautiful girls.

Our society however has this social stigma related to HIV/AIDS and hence they remain neglected by their own families, schools and neighborhood. Many of them are forced to quit School as parents of other children fear the influence of HIV/AIDS affected children.

We at ARK have built a welcoming home for these girls, shielding them from the social rejection and providing for their education.


Grover, the senior lawyer who appeared for the NGO, had sought framing of guidelines to prevent any kind of discrimination against students due to their HIV status or that of their parents or guardians.

"Moreover, the confidentiality of the HIV-positive status of the children has been routinely breached leading to violation of their right to privacy and the rampant acts of stigmatisation and discrimination that have followed have undermined their human dignity," the petition had said.

It had added that according to a National Aids Control Organisation report, the total number of people living with HIV in India was estimated around 20.9 lakh in 2011 and 1.45 lakh were children less than 15 years of age.


Reshalia and Nisonia are the sisters from one of the obscure village in Mannarkudi district – Tamil Nadu. They have born from one mother but two fathers. Their parents have passed away due to HIV/AIDS. After that these two girls have taken care of by two families of grandmothers with poor treatment. Through some school medical checkup and connected with Thiruvarur Government Hospital, they have identified that these two girls have HIV virus. But there was no proper care or medication given to both of the girls. Through one of the Medical counselor and positive network ARK India has taken both of the girls. The serious par t is the younger girl Nesnoia has seriously infected by Tumor . she has admitted on very next day in Chennai Tambaram Hospital. The Doctor has prescribed to at least for 3 months on the bed. Her elder sister Reshalia has completed her 11th grade but not taken any medicine for HIV virus for the past 7 years. She was not taken care of by any of her family members except her granny. Since her granny is very old and not aware of many things about medication, she didn’t bring Resonia to any Hospital. Finally ARK India has transferred from Thiruvarur and started treatment to Reshalia.

Supporter Speaks

We would love to appreciate Mr. Johnson’s Family for his continued support to our beautiful girl’s education, Health and holistic development. Thank you so much for making difference in the lives of those HIV/AIDS infected Orphaned Girls. Your countless love makes a huge part among the girls and it helps to grow them with flying colors. Welcoming to our family of ARK God Bless You.

-JOHNSON M.R (Supporter, ARK HOME)

Mr. Novlin Jayabalan has been a wise Donor to ARK , he is very much concern about the children even in a tiny matters. His love and affection towards our girls are tremendous and immeasurable. He visits ARK Home often and he is playing a vital role in making meaning full difference towards betterment of the organization.

            Mr.Novlin Jayabalan